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Update January 9, 2017

From Lin Brister:

My son put me in contact with a young lady, Raegene Riggs, who is the assistant track coach at Central and a student at the University of Tulsa.  Rae also serves as the head coach for cross country and strength and conditioning coach.  She mentioned that the track team was very talented but was lacking in the area of basic equipment, specifically hurdles.  In fact they simply don’t enter the hurdle events because they can’t practice. 

For as little as $1,500 they could have a full set of hurdles and immediately improve on their scoring potential.  I have spoken with Rae and offered to urge our Class of ’65 to this on as a project. 

I am offering to start the fund with $500 and am asking any who will, to contribute as well.  The time is short as they begin Spring training later this month. 

Please consider being a part of this opportunity to make a difference in our own school, Tulsa Central. 

Make out your check (tax deductable) to:

Tulsa Central High School Foundation

and mail it to:

Marcia Young  7911 E. 26th Pl. Tulsa, OK  74129

Do this as soon as possible since track practice begins soon.

You'll be sent (emailed) a receipt and kept advised of the project progress.



“An Opportunity to make a difference at Central”

Update January 15, 2017

1/15/2017: We (CHS ’65 and Central Foundation), reached the goal!

Any additional funds will be used to purchase a cart for the hurdles !!!!! Thank you!!!!

Update January 31, 2017

Update March 19, 2017



I saw the below information about an Eddie Sutton documentary being made posted on an OSU sports board last Friday (3/31/2017). I’m sure that some Central alumni and former players may know about it already, but I think others should also be aware too. I would assume that he may want to include interviews and any Eddie memorabilia from Eddie’s CHS years too.


Christopher Hunt, who is an award-winning documentary film director based in OKC. You can see some of his past work at 1577productions.com if you’re interested. Chris had started working on a project to tell Eddie’s story. He released the trailer for the film


Eddie Sutton is an OSU treasure, and it’s up to us to get his story out. Just maybe, it can make a difference in his omission from the HOF. I donated and I hope everyone else considers doing the same.


Please visit the IndieGoGo page, watch the trailer again, and think about making a donation.







Update April 6, 2017

Class ring found, yours?

I received this email:

“Many years ago I found a CHS class ring, and have tried several ways to find the owner

with no luck.

I found this ring in Ft. GIBSON lake probably 1966 or so.

Looks like he might have been in band! 

Was searching the net, asked for Central graduating class of 1965 and your name (Marcia Young) came up on 50th

reunion info. I thought you might have an idea or some way of locating this person, as I

would like to get the ring to him. I think it is a Man’s ring. Has Tulsa Central  H.S. on top and sides. The school was no help when I called, so don't know what else to do. Have kept it all these years as I would want mine back.”

The owner was located but not interested in it being returned. (?)

The finder has donated it to the TCHS Archives. It is the only ring in the collection.

From John Brandon

Documentary on Eddie Sutton

Update April 24, 2017

Last week the Central High School Foundation Board approved two $500 grants for Central athletics.  One is from the new football coach, Cliff Kepshaw, for equipment called the Shadow Man. It is a training device that teaches techniques to help avoid concussions.


Another $2000 is needed to purchase 3.

The other grant request is to assist the Girls’ Basketball team in attending a summer training camp in Branson. After the $500 grant, they still need to raise $1100.

Please send your tax deductable donation promptly to the

Tulsa Central High School Foundation, a 501c non profit.


(Soon to be updated but the “Donate” buttion is still functional)

Or mail your check to

Tulsa Central High School Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box  35274

Tulsa, OK 74153-0274

Thank you in advance.

Update April 24, 2017

Thanks to all who helped with the Senior Exit Interviews.

A special thanks to Bob Howard and Marilyn Thomas Howard for conducting the interviews for the Great Spirit Awards.

(A $500 award given to an outstanding male and female senior)

Update September 15, 2017

A lost classmate has been found.

Don Turner (Donna - spouse)

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