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A fund,

The Santa Fund, 

has been established to provide for

non-reunion expenses

Guidelines for this fund are as follows:

This fund will be separate from the fund that is designated for class reunion expenses.

People who donate to our class will be given the option of funds deposited to the CHS Reunion Fund account and/or the CHS Santa Fund account. Each will be set up in a financial institution and administered by separate classmates.

The CHS Santa Fund may be used for

oApproved BEREAVEMENT CARE (purchasing flowers, memorials, dinners, etc.) for our class members, not including spouses or partners.

oApproved NEEDS (decorations and miscellaneous) for approved class activities not relating to our class reunions.

oApproved BALANCE REIMBURSEMENT for outstanding balances of approved expenses for class parties and other activities.

oOther needs as approved by the Steering Committee

  1. The decision of need will be decided by at least a quorum of 10 of the CHS ’65 Steering Committee. The CHS ’65 Steering Committee is made up of the Reunion Committee, others appointed by the Class Secretary and Reunion Chairman (Chairmen).

Marilyn Thomas Howard is the administrator for this fund.

Requests for expenditures may be submitted to

Carol Meredith Barnes