Teachers I remember...

`    Mrs. Howell, she got me

    interested in biology and Miss    

    Pike, she would get so  exited

    about parts of history that she

    would start squeaking!”

    Larry Shepard

    “Mr. Teague, he made a positive   

    lasting impression on my life. His

    son, Pat, and I became lifelong       

    friends. He taught me the

    meaning of discipline, hard work

    and the importance of true

    harmony in all the facets of your


    Carol Meredith Barnes

      “I remember Mrs. Venable

    because she always put up with

    my class clown activities.  I had

    her believing I was an exchange    

    student from England until we

    studied Hamlet and I screwed up

    the “To be or not to be” soliloquy.

    From that point on I had to sit on

    the stairwell outside class till we


    Chris Rask

Tulsa Central ’65

Class News

Help find missing class members and

make sure your information is correct.

Please fill out the Information Form.

Where were you the night of

February 9, 1964?

    Were you watching the

            Ed Sullivan Show

    for the first appearance of

                The Beatles?

    You’re from Central if...

    You bought an elevator key from an upperclassman during schedule pickup.

    You wanted to be first to get your schedule so you’d be first to get Daze tickets

    I’ll never forget the time...

    At a Daze rehearsal, my can-can

    lost the ruffled underskirt in the

    middle of our high kicks-MOST


    Carol Meredith Barnes

    Mrs. Alexander told my fiance,   

    Clair, that if she e ver caught her

    in Central’s halls again I would be

    kicked out of school. Clair worked

    downtown and occasionally came

    to eat lunch with me.”

    Lin (Zeb) Brister

Send in your story.


Central Classmates of ’65,

I am chairing a committee named the “3 C” Committee.

It is named this way to represent caring, compassion & celebrations.

Please let other classmates know so that we can send cards if you know of a death, a health issue someone is struggling with or a joyous event.

It’s important at this stage of life to stay connected...we need each other.

My maiden name was Linda O’Dell. Love to hear from you!

Linda O'Dell Petty    <linda.petty47@yahoo.com>

Faculty News

This was in the Tulsa World on Sunday, July 21, 2013

Condolences to Bebe Barber Dotter on the passing of her son, Greg McGee in a tragic airplane crash in Alaska on April 8, 2014. He had just started a position with Hageland Aviation Services, using his skills as an aviator, to provide goods and services to the 56 surrounding villages in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta which are only accessible by air and river. Greg considered this flying position to be a mission and felt blessed to help people located in these remote locations.

Monthly Dinners

Join us for our monthly dinner get-together on the 2nd Mondays at 

Bread and Butter

3837 E 51st Street

at 6:00

Good Food, and

EXCELLENT company!

Contact Carol Supernaw Bergman for details or to be added to the email reminder list.

Fight Song


Fight right through that line!

Run the ball clear ‘round the Ropers,

touchdown sure this time.

Rah, Rah, Rah!


Fighting for our fame,

Fight fellows

fight! fight! fight!

We’ll win this game!

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